Melitta Cafina XT7

Melitta® Cafina® XT7

Already have a variety of milk types to prepare? Need something extra to handle requests for dairy alternative products? The Melitta® Cafina® XT7 automatic coffee machine leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Read more

Alternative Dairy Co Oat

The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Oat Milk

Aussie oats for coffee notes. Crafted especially for cafés, The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Oat Milk is made locally with Australian-grown oats and simple ingredients. It’s a high performance plant milk that is easy to work with and delivers consistent texture for a creamy, coffee-forward cup. Read more

Eureka Helios

Eureka Helios 80

The Eureka Helios is now available at Service Sphere. This grinder comes with new and improved features, including increased productivity of 56 per cent compared to the Olympus 75E HS, producing seven grams per second for espresso. Its high dose stability is also improved by 13 per cent compared to the Olympus model. Read more

The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Almond Milk

Literally nuts for coffee. The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Almond Milk is specifically blended to create a delicious and creamy plant milk that highlights the espresso. Made with Australian-grown almonds and crafted for cafés, it’s the milk that is nuts for coffee – literally. Read more

Wolff Pack Haus Blends

Wolff Pack Haus Blends

Bring the Wolff Pack Haus Blends into your house. Wolff Coffee Roasters believes that a house is not a home without good coffee, and that’s why it has created the Wolff Pack Haus Blends for you to enjoy in the warmth of your own home. This gift box of coffee blends is hand crafted by Wolff’s Master Roasters to suit any palate with three espresso blends: Big Dog, Lil Red, and Edelweiss, as well as a rotational seasonal coffee. Read more

Riverina Fresh Gold Milk

Riverina Fresh Gold Milk

Riverina Fresh knows that not all coffee blends are the same and that making great coffee requires great ingredients. That is why it’s developed Riverina Fresh Gold milk, the extra cream milk for a variety of coffee blends. Read more

De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro

De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro

The La Specialista Maestro is the most advanced manual machine from De’Longhi Australia to date, setting new design and performance standards for the domestic manual coffee machine industry. Thousands of hours of research, development, and Italian coffee craftsmanship went into creating the ‘coffee symphony’, to provide users with a perfect balance of coffee science and coffee artistry. Read more

Riverina Fresh Full Cream

Riverina Fresh Full Cream Milk

Riverina Fresh milks have a leading reputation across the specialty coffee industry for their quality, functional performance, and consistency. It aims to provide their partners with the best coffee experience with their consistently great milk. Read more

Campos Coffee Superior Blend

Campos Coffee Superior Blend

Campos Superior has a fresh new look. Rest assured, it’s still the same high-quality coffee inside. The new Campos Superior Blend packaging emulates the roaster’s famous green cup that is widely recognised and sought after. Read more

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