barista wants

What a barista wants

From the automatic Ubermilk nanofoamer to the boilerless Tone brewer, Barista Group has made a name for itself in the Australian coffee industry for innovating café workflow efficiency. Read more

De'longhi new series

De’Longhi reveals trade secrets in new series

De’Longhi introduces their new web series ‘Behind Your Coffee’ that showcases a culmination of industry knowledge from internationally recognised coffee experts and invites viewers to share in some of the industry’s best kept secrets. Read more

Dalla Corte lead coffee machine

Dalla Corte takes lead in coffee machine development

Dalla Corte says it was the first commercial espresso coffee machine manufacturer in the world to fully eliminate lead components from its design, opting to use a new, more expensive, lead-free material ensuring no lead is leached into beverages made using their machines. Read more

Save time and space on the coffee bar

Save time and space on the coffee bar

Workflow is important to any coffee bar running smoothly and the Puqpress automatic tamper has become a café staple thanks to its automatic tamping streamlining the process, saving time and space. The launch of under-grinder tampers made it even faster and easier, with the latest Puqpress M3 reaching new leave of precision and optimisation. Read more

coffee making at home

A pure start: The Arte of coffee making at home

“The Arte is the perfect starter machine for anyone keen to get into barista coffee-making at home,” enthuses Craig Simon, of Criteria Coffee. “I love the simplicity of this machine. It focuses on quality fundamentals and comes at a reasonable price. It’s light, it’s small, and it makes great coffee.”

Craig is referring to De’Longhi’s recently launched La Specialista Arte, a manual machine designed to provide an authentic barista experience for the home user. And according to the multi-award-winning barista champion, the Arte delivers on this perfectly. Read more

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